The Outside Inn

Travelers who enter Hallow's Bend pass a guard shack, a handful of weighing stations and shops for last-minute provisions, and a seedy motel before reaching the slightly-tilted frame of The Outside Inn. This was once the premier lodging solution for traders and travelers, but since the gem mines have gone under the clientel have slowed to a trickle. The gilded finishings inside have become tarnished, and the rooms are often dusty...but the ghost of it's old charm can still sometimes be felt in a expansive ballroom and grand dining hall. The Outside Inn is run by Oingo and Boingo, who sometimes provide live music for guests.

Corinthean Family Pineapple Farm

This sprawling manor has fallen into disrepair as the Corinthean family moved away, and is currently maintained by Candy Corn and her ward. The two do their best to keep their home livable, but the acres and acres of farmland have fallen into disuse. Locals still fondly remember the lavish parties held here after bountiful harvests.

Diamond Delta Mines

These mines were once the center of

The Old Delta Ruins